I dont normally do this but...

I'm trying to sell my phone to buy a new one. I majorly cracked it with my phone and I want a new one. Does anyone want to buy a Nokia 6300? It looks something like this:

Leave a comment and I will email you with the price and specs. I still have the box and the instruction book. Its a good phone I'm just annoyed with it and want a change. Bought it about Jan/ Feb this year.

Weekly Playlist

I have been a bit lapse in doing this lately. So here is this weeks

1. Wonderful - Rob Thomas (Cradlesong)

2. Ghost of Me - Daughtry (Leave this town)

3. Played - Introducing Ashlee Roberts (Pussy cat dolls - Doll Domination)

4. Jai Ho - Pussy Cat Dolls feat A R Rahman

5. No Air - Jordin Sparks (Jordin Sparks)

6. Bed Of Roses - Bon Jovi (Crossroads)

7. I Bruise Easily - Natasha Bedingfield (Unwritten)

8. September - Daughtry (Leave this town)

9. Not Ready to Make Nice - Dixie Chicks (Taking the long way)

10. Snowblind - Rob Thomas (Cradlesong)

Cds of the week - Daughtry - Leave This Town, Rob Thomas - Cradlesong

Day at the Museum


gorgeous flying penguin, also dead.

more flying penguins

pretend fishes and flying penguins

pterodactyl or something... and some random guys head.

Orang-Utan skeleton


Penguin! (also dead!)

Little blue penguin

weird toothy animal.

cute little dinosaur.

weird toothy dog/reptile thingy

so these are just some of the photos i took today at the melbourne museum. :D If you ever get the chance to go there, please do. :)

Dear Potential New Friends

As I do not know you yet, please let me provide you with my ground rules.

1. Do not be unnecessarily rude to me, unless in jest. This includes calling me names or implying something mean about me or something i hold dear.

2. Do not call me repeatedly and if I don't pick up, leave a message and I may get back to you.

3. I can take a joke, but only if its funny

4. Don't crowd me

5. Do not ask for money

6. You will not be allowed to my house for at least 4 months, I must get to know you better

7. Do not ask to use my phone, if you have used all of your credit, why would i let you use mine?

8. Do not ask to have a taste of my food if you see me with some, its rude and leaves me hungry. If I'm full i might offer you some.

9. Do not equate your life circumstances to mine, we have been raised by different people and lived different lives

10. if you are lucky enough to be invited into my house, don't yell, don't have arguments on msn on my computer, don't eat all my food and if you are bored GO HOME.

In return I will,

1. Listen to your problems

2. Go out for coffee with you

3. Not give unwanted advice

4. Tell you when your butt looks big in that

5. Not trash talk your loser boyfriend

6. Not ring your phone unless its urgent

7. Not expect anything from you

8. Wont ask to borrow anything off you

9. Will be polite and keep my trashy mouth to a minimum

10. Possibly lend you something.

Take these rules into account and we might have the beginning of a beautiful friendship. If not you weren't worth my time in the first place. I give only one chance, fuck it up and I'll let you go.