apparently i'm prideful...


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rules for my life

i was on the train this morning, heading to the most beautiful city on earth, whiny squeaky LOUD school kids were fucking everywhere, the train was packed. i looked out my window and took in the sights. My thoughts wandered...

1. i dont regret not going to my sisters wedding, im actually quite glad i didnt.
2. as much as i love my family i dont need them anymore
3.there arent many things in my life i regret anymore
4. sometimes its okay to cry when i'm alone
5. smiling is forgotten on a day when nothing is going right
6. i dont have to be strong all the time, its okay to fall apart
7. i may be stressed out and jobless, but i'm living away from my family and not asking them for anything
8. i'm independant
9. when people are idiots relish in the fact i got more brain cells
10. when the world gets to be too much, remember people love you for you.

sometimes i forget these rules when i'm feeling down and sorry for myself. I've lived out of home since January 11th 2008 and i havent run home with my tail between my legs yet, though sometimes i have run to my boyfriend's place and let him pick up my pieces.

Oh, and when everything is going to shit... chocolate takes the pain away if not, try some grog as well