Missing ...

Found out/ was told that one of the people who regularly commented on my blog died. Most people knew Mad Asthmatic. I will miss her, i always looked forward to reading her clever words in her blog and she always knew what to say to me, and as i've seen she knew what to say to everyone. She is no longer in pain. God Bless.

i have another blog up and running. My own personal library. http://myownpersonallibrary.blogspot.com/

please stop by when you get a chance.

Um.. Update.

Yeah... so i was "let go" from my job.

but life is looking up!! more to come later :)


YAY i got the job :D:D:D:D:D:D started it today. (well a job of sorts)
I wont be doing the job i was hired to do until next week for this week i am playing receptionist. Did i mention i hate people? It seems okay though, only hung up on two people.

Went visiting mum and my sister for xmas... that didnt go well....
then went to ballarat for new years. that was GREAT.

went to see the penguins at the melb aquarium. $19.50 later.... i have some kick ass photos though :P will post when i get around to it.

thats all for now, merry christmas, happy new year and many returns for the month :)