hm what to say, I should be doing homework, i have to summarize some stuff - that's always fun. don't know why I'm bothering, should be job searching. instead, I'm sitting on the couch, watching "Pretty Woman"

i have come to the realisation that life is not a fairytale (shock horror i know) these stories in the movies and on TV, aren't real. i wish sometimes they were. if i could have anything i wanted right now i would have my man in the room with me, we don't have to be talking, i just want to be able to lay my eyes on him when i want to. i have fallen so hard for this guy, im gonna be a wreck when we break up.

Hollywood delights in the corny endings, and for once I'm a girl about them. "what happened after the knight climbed up and rescued her? "

"she rescued him right back"

my inner feminist is screaming for joy.

First Ever Post

well it was warm today and now its cold. i was up all night last night reading a bloody funny blog by
Kelley at she had me in HISTERICS!

anyhoo, heres a bit about me.
Age - 20 (as of the 15th of september)
location - the Bestest most beautiful city Melbourne Australia
Current occupation - Student/ job seeker
Favorite food - does ice cream count as food?
Favorite drink - Milkshakes

i recently cut caffeine out of my diet, though i did cave and steal one of my flatmates diet colas (it was for my sore throat i Swear!!) i dont know if i feel better or worse for not having it, i'm not craving it, i still like the smell, i still have bad sleeping habits and my skin is still pimpled. Crazy me for thinking it would change something.

excuse my jumping from topic to topic but my brain is vomiting!

This blog is called Crazy Raincloud - musings from the silver lining because i'm crazy (everyone tells me i am) and i love the rain. i'm also semi optimistic, unless someone has done something to me, or life is just being a big fat pain in the arse. as it is at the moment due to the fact i have a headcold. though its almost over and i can finally see my boyfriend without thinking i cant kiss him because i'll make him sick, thats the thing with sharing saliva, if he gets sick, i get sick and vise versa. i really miss kissing him :( ive been sick for months from the end of Febuary to now, thats alot of time sick.

i warn you now, alot of this blog wont make sense. but thats just me.