Still bored, but handling it better. I'm gonna aim to get out of the house and go somewhere everyday. sometimes i can't be bothered, and thats when i sit and watch Ellen and daytime tv (except the soapies (im not that desperate)) I also am becoming more domesticated (oh god) and actually cooking for myself, not just starving myself. Speaking of starving i have laminton things i havent even opened. :o must find them (i hide food in my room so the people i live with wont eat it) So soon i am going to go to the movies, i'm thinking of going and seeing "He's just not that into you" please leave me a comment if you've seen it and what you think of it.

Mum is talking to me again, but my sister isn't. weird family.


Yeah, im bored. no job, no money to go out, and wondering what is for dinner with less than 80 bucks in my bank account. Though it is fun to just sit and watch random teevee. I made some yummy spagetti and then some yummy potato salad, and green jelly :D

I'm trying to hard to be funny or insightful, but its just not happening, I somehow don't think that i'm that kind of person. I had another fight with my mother and sister... over a shirt of all things. I'm not going to her wedding.

I miss going to work.