oh how long it has been

Do not worry fair readers (all three of you) I am still alive. While it is almost 12.00am, I shall regale you with things i have accomplished.

1. I finished all my school work and sent it off
2. I'm left with money in my bank account and food in the freezer, fridge and tub on the floor.
3. I bought a cookbook (only cos it had a yummy cake on the cover)

Though I did all this in ONE day, it brings me to wonder, what will tomorrow hold? Welll....

I could clean my room (started at 2.ooam yesterday morning...)

I could go hang out in the city


I could sleep all day.

I could also go and get my tongue pierced, or buy myself a present (helloooo classic!)

I don't know what I'm going to do tomorrow. The possibilities are endless really. I found some paints I'd bought awhile back, i could do some watercolour painting... just have to buy some better brushes. I might just relax tomorrow. Do nothing, and read a book, listen to music, do some painting and crotchet some more.

Sounds like bliss to me.

what would you do on your next day off?